6 Months Post-Transplant

You may be wondering…. “It’s been awhile. What’s happening now?” It has been awhile. About 3.5 months since Mark came home and about 6 months since he received his stem cell transplant. I have enjoyed posting about our journey in hopes of sharing to inspire and help others through what we have been through. It has been difficult, to say the least, for me to do that as there have been many things I have struggled with as we continued our journey that I could not quite put into words. Looking back, our experience as a family has been labeled a “trauma”. Stress associated with this whole process is called “Chronic” as it is on-going. Most of us have met with at least one psychologist as we worked and continue to work through so many things that go along with this life-changing event. The things that go along with life-style changes for the patient and their family are things I think people more commonly think about. But, there is so much more. And even this morning there was talk in our house about some of that change.

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You truly do look at life so differently when death stares you in the face. How to live, reasons for living, what you tolerate and what you don’t…. things truly begin to take on new meaning. It’s amazing too, having to deal with the people who have pulled away, passed judgements based on what they think they know about your life and your situation- even though they haven’t come close to living it themselves…. It is also so reassuring and valuable to know who you TRULY can depend on and count on in your life. To know who the people are who will love you through anything and everything without missing a beat. And it is yet another challenge as you determine- each one of you- just HOW you will continue to live given all the changes.


Mark hasn’t been the best at taking his medication. He is tired of all those pills- and who can blame him for that? Though, it is an issue and quite scary for me and the girls sometimes. Through it though, his blood level results have been fine. He has discovered that he needs to take his blood pressure pills before watching our girls play basketball and I am guessing he will need it before the big game tonight! GO BUCKS!


His 6 month bone marrow biopsy has already been taken and we await positive results to be given to us on the 20th. 🙂 In just three short days- on the 15th, exactly 6 months post transplant, he will board a plane at exactly 8:55am  to head to California to celebrate a sweetheart from his work who helped our family so much from a distance through the entire process as she retires from Praxair. THAT is INCREDIBLE! He is doing so well that he is actually being given the “go-ahead” to fly during cold and flu season!

God is good, all the time. He has provided and revealed and loved and gotten us all through to this point and we have great faith that He will continue. As I told everyone from the beginning. He never once left us through the whole process and He never will. Everything will work out for our good and we will be taken care of by Him.

This song is near and dear to my heart.       Oceans