“You Will Have Trouble”

One thing Jesus made abundantly clear is this: He actually told his disciples, “In this world you WILL have trouble.” He didn’t say could or might-he said WILL. Then he said, “But, take heart, I have overcome the world.”

He also said he was going to prepare a place for us and that the Holy Spirit would be with us-able to be with each person anywhere everywhere all the time. That was actually better than it had been before when God would go from place to place or person to person and when Jesus was with his disciples or the woman at the well… but wasn’t able to be everywhere with everyone all the time.

We are also told to “take your thoughts captive” and “focus on what is good, true, noble, right…”

This Biblical teaching goes hand in hand with something we recently discussed in my Holistic Health class as well as my Diversity in Health and Illness class and what Mark and I recently discussed with the psychologist at the hospital called Cognitive Therapy.

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The events that happen in life are full of highs and lows. This journey we are on is a series of events. The way we THINK – the meaning we assign the events-determines how we end  up responding. The perspective we take-choosing to focus on only the small little down episode or only on the high episodes, or the whole picture that has both highs and lows-will determine our ability to deal with things in a more healthy way.

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For years, I have done this and not had a name to give to it, really. Yes, I have bad days, especially when many negative things are being thrown my way at once, but I don’t stay there. Those negatives are not allowed to take that much time effort or energy in my mind. If I were unable to change that thought process on my own, I would indeed seek professional help.

I say all of this to tell you that-although last week was pretty miserable, we are having a good week this week! Mark has pain medicine and is back on the Beclothesamone for GVHD and is smiling a TON and walking around and eating and even using his therabands to rebuild muscle!

I am in a much better place as I have let go of the negatives and I know a lot of people reached out to me after reading my last blog and still are to make sure I am ok- and I am ok  and I’m back to my normal thought processes and that suit me just fine! 🙂 THANK YOU for loving me (and us) through the highs and lows and everything in between.

Things to pray about:

His Host v Graft Disease stays in check and improves, we find out the cause behind his extreme swelling in his abdomen and lower body, (They will do an echocardiogram or his heart and a Cat Scan of his abdomen again Monday and took blood today to test heart function.)


Today, he had his 6th bone marrow biopsy and we should begin getting results from that in a bout one week and have the most thorough knowledge within two weeks. This was the first time that I actually sat and watched the entire process. WOW! It was truly amazing. They take something that looks like the end of a drill bit/screwdriver after numbing him with both a topical and a  liquid injection, and they screw it in manually as they ask him (yes, he stays awake) how things are feeling. They then pull out some blood. Next, they attach a machine portion to the tool sticking into his hip bone and they drill down (it takes seconds at most) into his hip bone with that. It pulls out of his bone and body and then they extract out of the middle of the drill bit/screw driver type attachment, his actual bone marrow. Crazy, but next time, I may take some pictures.

In the midst of our trials, someone very near and dear to Mark is in trouble with their health and is needing to be taken to a hospital in Columbus as she is bleeding on her brain-his Aunt Joanna. She has been much like a second mom to Mark and his sister, so please pray as she and the family go through this.

There is another family I was just connected to in Columbus by my aunt. The young dad (26) was just diagnosed with Leukemia after thinking he had a herniated disc. His wife had just undergone an Illeostomy from Chron’s Disease and their baby daughter had been born with one kidney which had gone septic.

So, yes, in this life you WILL have trouble…. But we also have each other and we have a God who does not leave us through the trouble. <3

Thank you for all the love and reaching out in the struggles. It is appreciated more than you will ever know and much more than words can possibly describe!