The Journey- The Climb

Looking back, I cannot help but write this post. As I reflect on the past almost 4 months… I am truly blown away.

Back in March of 2011, I went for a routine female check up requesting my hormone levels be tested as I was experiencing some unusual things and I was also concerned about some lumps I felt in my breast. The lady who examined me said she also came across lumps in my pelvic exam and thought I might have cancer. She immediately scheduled me for a mammogram and a biopsy. I left that office bawling. I called Mark- we were supposed to be going to a Rockies game. He told me to just breathe- he told me I was going to be fine. He gave me hope in that moment and calmed me down so I could drive.

 I got down on my face when I was home and I cried out to God and said, “No matter what happens, I’m still going to love you and follow you and try to bring glory to you through it.” I was truly NOT in control and I knew it. But, I knew no matter what happened, I could trust God. People at my church prayed for me. One lady said out loud in her prayer, “God, you are GOOD and we can TRUST you.” They laid hands on me and asked that the doctor doing the biopsy would say, “I don’t see anything. I don’t know why you are here.”  Which is exactly what happened , but he said he would do the biopsy anyway just to be sure. It came back clear. My mammogram came back fine, too- something like calcium deposits.

Good is good. God is great. Sometimes sounds cliche – especially after saying those words growing up before almost every meal… but it is true- GOD IS GOOD AND HE IS GREAT!

Fast forward to April 14th 2014. Mark missed Shyanna’s soccer game and had been in bed all day since the afternoon before. I had this sense that things were off- but had no idea how off they would actually be. That was Monday; by Friday we were being admitted  to the hospital and told the stay would last at least around 30 days.

I’ve heard numerous stories over the past four months from people about how long it has taken them to get a diagnosis. How long it took them to begin treatment- find the right doctor- get the right plan for their illness. Mark went to the doctor on Wednesday, was diagnosed Thursday and admitted on Friday! That was nothing short of a miracle. I have heard people say that left untreated, AML can take a life in just a couple months. How fortunate we were!

The very night we were admitted, meals were already being brought to our house and signed up for by a community of people we had only known for about 3.5 years.

Throughout this past four months, we have been so cared for and so loved. It has truly been amazing! We are so far away from family and yet God has provided for us extended family to care for us in the day-to-day for such a LONG period of time.

The fundraisers that have been held and the people outside of those fundraisers who continue to bless us financially at just the right time and with just the right amount, cannot be a coincidence!

The people who have come forward to take care of us or of things needing done have been just the right people at just the right time. It’s jaw dropping to think about!

Life can be difficult. Life can be challenging. Life can throw you curve balls and shake you up to your very core. The bottom line is this- and I believe it to be so true.



I have been touched by the people who have called me, written to me, called me, or somehow communicated to me that our story was inspiring them, helping them in their faith walk, or helping them in some other way. I believe those are the very reasons we are called to share with each other and not to try to journey alone.  We were created for relationship with God and with people. We need both.

You think we are inspiring you; you have no idea how much YOU are inspiring us and giving us hope and love and support! I cannot imagine this journey without all of that! I pray for those who don’t have it. It  has become such a passion for me that I will be starting something to help those kinds of people in the near future.

I believe that not only is God good and worthy of our trust, but he always makes something beautiful out of muck, dust, or ash… You just have to be willing to see through the muck, dust and ash sometimes to see that and you have to just be willing to give up control and see where he is taking you and how he will make beautiful things….

I will leave you with some pictures of our recent journey hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain. The journey of life can be so difficult. Sometimes, it’s difficult to the point of wanting to quit! BUT DON’T YOU QUIT!

At the end, you will see the reward. You can look back (or down in the instance of the mountain) and see how far you have come and the beauty that surrounds you that you could not see before and would never get to see had you not made the difficult journey. And then, eventually, it is a part of your life that is in the past, but you will remember and you will have gained experience, knowledge, wisdom and hopefully compassion for others making their journey.

(Mountain climbers, like runner, understand the difficulties of the journey and so they cheer and encourage others on their journey- and it helps especially after they cross the finish line or reach the summit themselves.…)

Enjoy the pictures 🙂