August 5th – Life with a “Superstar”

This is the first time I think I have picked up my laptop since the last time I posted!



Life has been busy. I spent the past week trying to get things ready for our oldest to go to college and to get us into and feeling like home in the apartment in Denver. I can confidently say at this point that I think I accomplished both! 🙂 (We still have me and three other young ladies to get school supplies, etc. for, but I don’t think that will take as long.)



Mark and I are loving the apartment because it’s so much more of a normal feeling when friends come over and can sit on a couch or table and use the restroom and he actually missed my home cooking and has been eating REALLY WELL!  It’s also great to have a bedroom here that the girls can share and we can go to bed knowing they are close and wake up to their sweet faces! But, it’s also a GREAT location! There are so many places to within walking distance and other the the hospital and the forestation being close by, there aren’t really any major disruptions. (I haven’t had a siren wake me up since the first night- but, I adapt to things pretty well.)




Yesterday, Monday, was our first appointment in the clinic. Normally, for at least the next month, Mark will need to go into clinic Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They draw blood, test his levels and liver, get blood pressure, listen to heart and lungs, take his temperature and give him a good exam to evaluate for Graft v. Host Disease and Infections. I keep a journal each day writing everything down from BP, HR to how his appetite was and how he was feeling in general. I include any concerns we might have- although anything very concerning would mean a phone call to the doctors. As they say, “He can turn on a dime” so close, overprotective watching is what we do right now.

Took him in, with our medication list and our journal. The Dr. told Mark, “You are a superstar patient!” He is on the least amount of medications he could be right now, he isn’t showing any sign of GVHD or infection, and he is eating well, gaining weight and walking around town and being active. 🙂 Hip Hop Hooray- Oh-Hey -Ho! YES!!! This was GREAT to hear!


Although, we all thought Mark would be in the hospital longer, and so my scheduled “help” isn’t coming until next week, I am still going to be able to get in a couple “last funs of summer” with our girls. Tonight, our second and fourth daughter are coming to stay with Mark and I am taking our first and her bff  and third to hike their first 14’er before the sun comes up tomorrow! Being up in the mountains is one of the most amazing places to be and being up on top of a 14’er and looking out over the world is priceless! Then, Saturday, some of our best friends are coming over to spend the day with Mark and then the girls and I will meet up at Water World for some sun, fun and of course, water! We have two people trained so far to take care of Mark’s CVC line… flushing as well as attaching the magnesium pump. Kevin, one of Mark’s best friends and Tanise, our second oldest daughter. 🙂


Carmela comes from Oklahoma, early next week. I can’t wait to hug this woman! I love her with all my heart and it’s so awesome of her to come to help us even with a Wedding Ceremony where she and her husband will renew their vows to each other  the very week she leaves to go back home! She and her family are truly amazing and have always been a HUGE blessing to our family!!


We continue to be eternally grateful for all the friends God has put in our lives who pour into our lives in so many ways! We are in awe of how God seems to have worked miracle after miracle out for us on this journey. I will recap all of that in my next blog! 😉