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This is the site where you can keep up with all things NEU!  If you want to know what is happening with the Neu Crew this is the place to get news, updates and even learn a little about the Neu family.

7 thoughts on “The Neu Crew – Updates for You

  1. We BELIEVE!! It’s a battle, but with all of the prayer and support around you this battle WILL be a success!! We do believe that!! We pray everyday, we had a special prayer session with our worship leaders on Sunday!! I have some handout cards that we were given to pass along, I will be getting those over to you!! Much love and God speed!!! Xoxo Bobby, Jenn, Court and Logan.

  2. I am praying…everyday I wake I immediately think of you and your family. A miracle you need indeed. God bless you all through your battle. You are an incredible woman of faith and family of god.

  3. Callico and Mark and Girls,
    You are foremost in my thoughts and prayers every day. I pray for you constantly, for support and strength and endurance from our Lord Jesus. He KNOWS and CARES more than we can understand.
    Love you all so much,
    Aunt Sherry

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